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Personal Cellar - Los Angeles, California wine retailer

Wine shop in Los Angeles, California

About Personal Cellar

Address: 11111 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 350
Los Angeles, California 90025
Phone: (186) 625-8800
Web: A New Paradigm in Wine Marketing

Early in 1997, James Kaplan recognized that the low cost of delivering information via the Internet would make it possible for small, select providers to gain the same level of exposure as major players. He immediately applied the model to the luxury travel business with and later created, specializing in hard-to-find, quality artisan wines.

The rapid growth in e-commerce has been slow to impact wine merchants, due partly to the complexity of interstate shipping of alcohol, and partly to a reticence on the part of consumers to obtain vintages from cyberspace. Personal Cellar addressed this issue with a sophisticated transaction engine which ensures that each product is offered for sale only where shipping is permitted. Shipping is tightly controlled, with refrigerated trucks and careful handling.
For winemakers, Personal Cellar has opened new sales channels and made it easier to manage their inventory. Many smaller operations - which produce some of the finest wines on the market -- lack the infrastructure to continuously promote their product. Personal Cellar frees them to concentrate their efforts on winemaking, and can also help by moving "library" wines quickly when warehouse space is needed for a new season's crush. This, in turn, adds up to savings for the consumer.

To ensure buyer satisfaction, Personal Cellar submits each new wine to a tasting panel for review, and guarantees a full refund to the customer if the wine is returned. Personal Cellar has grown steadily over the past four years as online shoppers gain confidence that their purchases are "Tasted, Recommended, Guaranteed." Fine vintages are reasonably priced, and auctions offer an opportunity to acquire them at prices far below the suggested retail cost. Both novice and connoisseur wine enthusiasts are now enjoying premium wines, often not available from any other source, without paying a premium.

The Personal Cellar guarantee allows customers to build their own preferred stock without relying on reviews, ratings, or high prices as indicators of quality in a wine. In addition to bidding on auctions, visitors may search for wines, send gift packages, or join a wine club to discover new tastes each month. The inventory encompasses producers worldwide, and is continually expanding under the leadership of Company President Jono Hart.

As e-commerce in all sectors continues to grow, and as the effects of the recent Supreme Court decision governing interstate wine commerce are felt, antiquated laws will vanish. In the meantime, Personal Cellar's guarantee of high quality, excellent service, and fair prices is paying off in increased sales and satisfaction.
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