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John N.
John N.
1995 - Dauzac
Decent claret
May 12, 2008
1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star
As suggested by "the Bob", this is a decent claret. By this time (Dec 07) the tannins seem to be resolved. The fruit is not all that apparent, but that is not a problem, at least for me. Very nicely balanced. Although I like this wine very much (and have 3 more bottles that I am looking forward to drinking), the nose is not that strong, nor is the finish. So what, you drink the wine :-). All in all, quite respectable. You can, and eventually will, do a lot worse. I will set 2 of the remaining 3 aside to see what they are like 2010 plus. My guess is a tad softer. I may very well buy more so that I can drink a few while waiting for others. By the way, as you might imagine, you have to give this wine at least 60 min to breathe. I have no idea why people "pop and pour" Bordeauxs. Seriously.

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