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1994 Mondavi, Robert Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

USA California North Coast Napa

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Score: 97 Rated By : Robert Parker's Wine Advocate Dec-1997

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Mondavi, Robert Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 1994
did not perform at its best.
Jordan J.
Jordan J.

Rated  on Apr 27, 2008

 First the color struck me. Much lighter than the bottle I had six months ago. Dark core but a lot a bricking towards a translucent edge. Initail powerful nose of licorice, chocolate, leather and olives, centered around or anchored by dark fruit and plum.  The palate is very elegent and smooth with excellent balance, althoguh much lighter in the mouth then the previous tasting.  After a couple of hours the wine improved very little. The fruit opened up but the secondary nuances disapated. Now a bit of smoke and raspberry dominates the nose. In the mouth the wine is still elegent and seemless but the finish is highly disapointing being short and without personality. Other than a nice palate this bottle did little to charm. -90 points     (previous bottle 7/07) Was glorious. Big and fairly full bodied and very dark in color. The fruit was perfectly ripe, plush and velvitity.  In the mouth the wine had no hard edges. It was smooth and balanced and yet had considerable wieght and structure. The fresh herbed finish went on for over a minute. An outstanding california cabernet at its peak. -95 points

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Mondavi Reserve Cab '94
Score: 96 points
Drink by: 3 to 7 years
Sampled 9/25/10. Decant for only 30 minutes. Smokey Oak, leather, spice and peat elements layered with blackberries, black cherry and black currant. A unique wine that stands out on its own and basically has something for everyone. Wonderful long finish that coats the palate.
Posted by mxpbuy on September 26, 2010
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Fantastic Wine
Score: 96 points
Drink by: 8 to 12 years
Sampled 9/27/08. This bottle had a dried and brittle cork, but the wine was in great shape. Plenty of sediment on the side of the bottle, but the wine still took an hour to fully open - although it was approachable right away. Blackberries, black cherry, cassis, dried herbs and sweet Oak. A wonder blend with the fruit being very ripe but not soft and flabby nor inky. The wine still feels like there is more refinement left in it and the body and structure is such that it will probably last another dozen years, so try it regularly over that period - you won`t be disappointed.
Posted by mxpbuy on September 29, 2008
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Elegant and Sophisticated
Score: 96 points
Drink by: 13 to 20 years
Sampled 10/12/04. The wine is Mondavi`s at its best and the color and nose are medium to full bodied Bordeauxish but the stamp of California ripe fruit is unmistakable. The wine seemed as though it was mature but it also seemed a bit closed, which characteristic did not change for hours. I believe the complete absence of even so much as a pepper sprinkle`s worth of sediment tells the real story. This wine is no where near it`s peak and is still evolving. Although excellent now, I suspect it will get better and become one of the very greatest California wines of the 1990s in time.
Posted by mxpbuy on October 13, 2004
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1994 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Score: 100 points
Drink by: 13 to 20 years
I recently opened a bottle of this wine to celebrate a special occassion. Wow! It is simply the best wine I have ever tasted and if I didn`t have a case in my basement I would be bidding on this lot.
Posted by cjet68 on March 12, 2004
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