2003 Bodega Numanthia Termes Termanthia Wine Prices & Retailers

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2003 Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Termes
  At Lake Liquor in Ronkonkoma, New York

750 $29.99

Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Termes
2003 Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Numanthia
  At Gordons Wine  in Waltham, Massachusetts

750 $59.99

Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Numanthia
2003 Bodega Numanthia Termanthia
  At Super Wine Warehouse in Paterson, New Jersey

750 $122.75

Bodega Numanthia Termanthia
2003 Numanthia Termes Termanthia
  At Bayway World of Liquor in Elizabeth, New Jersey

750 $149.99

Numanthia Termes Termanthia
2003 Numanthia Termanthia Tempranillo
  At The Wine Cellar(IL) in Palatine, Illinois

750 $169.99

Numanthia Termanthia Tempranillo
2003 Termanthia Del Toro .7
  At New York Wine Warehouse in Long Island City, New York

5000 $175.00

Termanthia Del Toro .7
2003 Numanthia Termanthia 95ws
  At Green Jug Fine Wine & Spirits  in Woodland Hills, California

750 $179.99

Numanthia Termanthia 95ws
2003 Numanthia Termanthia
  At Arlington Wine and Liquor  in Poughkeepsie, New York

750 $183.99

Numanthia Termanthia
2003 Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Termanthia
  At Wine & Spirits of Westchester in Bedford Hills, New York

750 $184.99

Bodega Numanthia Termes Toro Termanthia
2003 Numanthia Termanthia Toro
  At Shoppers Vineyard in Clifton, New Jersey

750 $184.99

Numanthia Termanthia Toro
2003 Bodega Numanthia-termes Termanthia Toro
  At Spiritus Wines in Hartford, Connecticut

750 $195.00

Bodega Numanthia-termes Termanthia Toro
2003 Bodegas Numanthia Termanthia
  At Wine Street, Inc. in Carlsbad, California

750 $199.99

Bodegas Numanthia Termanthia
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